1. Can I upload any file?
  2. Yes, you can upload any file type, but note that there is a maximum file size of 20MB! Please write to it@ufo.ethz.ch if you have good reasons why your file is larger than 20MB and we will upload it for you.

  3. Can anyone see who uploaded a file?
  4. No, the uploader of a file is not stored on the server at all.

  5. The file isn't displayed. Is it broken?
  6. It depends. The preview in the browser only works with PDF files and images (jpg, png, ...). Word files, anki packages or other binary files cannot be displayed. Please download the file and open it on your computer using your preffered programs.

  7. Something with a file is wrong.
  8. You can scroll to the bottom of a specific file and report an issue. The admins will take care of it.

  9. How can I link files together?
  10. Go to the file you want to link to another file and scroll to the "Linked files" section when viewing a specific file. There you can copy the files ID on the right. Then go to the other file and click on "Link file" and enter the copied ID from before.

  11. What is the difference between hearts and stars?
  12. Stars are used for rating a file from 1-5. Everyone can see the average rating of a file. The heart is used for favorite files. You can add files to your favorites and quickly access them via the "Favoritres" link.